All the latest bikes at the London Motorcycle Show

All the latest bikes at the London Motorcycle Show

AP Television
London – 15 February, 2013
1. Various of motorbikes doing stunts
2. Various of little boy on motorbike
3. Tilt down motorbike
4. Tilt up motorbike to man dry-racing it
5. Mid of people looking at bike, pan to bike
6. SOUNDBITE: (English), Andy Calton, Motorcycle News, organisers of MCN Motorcycle Show
“Five to ten years ago, it was all about sports bikes, it had to have a 600 cc or a 1000cc engine, and be really fast, and people who rode it had their head on the tank, and their bum in the air. Now it isn’t like that so much, the average of a motorcyclist in the UK is about 45, and the range of bikes is much different. You’ll see lots of retro, cool looking bikes, big adventure sort of trail-y bikes, it’s just much different to what it was.”
7. Mid of man on motorbike
8. Side view of motorbike
9. Mid of motorcycle
10. Close of learner “L” plate
11. Wide of people looking at motorbike
12. Various of person taking photo
13. Mid of motorbike
14. SOUNDBITE: (English), Andy Calton, Motorcycle News, organisers of MCN Motorcycle Show
“With the change of the types of motorcycles that are popular, there’s lots of different size of machines. You can now learn on a 600cc once you’ve passed a couple of tests at 19. So it’s much more open, and there’s much more wider range of bikes for people to choose from. So it’s not so off-putting, it’s not so difficult for people to physically ride a bike anymore, as it used to be. Scooters and the small bikes under 125cc are hugely popular, and actually outsold big bikes for the first time ever I think, last year.”
15. Close of Harley-Davidson logo on bike
16. Mid of Harley-Davidson, tilt down and pan along bike
17. Mid of two men looking at bikes
18. Various of Twin Pan motorbike
19. Tilt up Harley-Davidson
20. Various of bespoke motorbike
21. SOUNDBITE: (English), Rob Warr, Director, Warr’s Harley-Davidson London
“The steam pump kind of signs this one up, we wanted the sort of, quite sort of agriculture, Victorian, steam pump look. And this is what the guy had, he wanted the specific dimensions, the specific look, and then we get to fabrication. So we custom make the wheels, all the body work is custom made, the paint, the seats, everything. And every single one of these that we do is a bespoke bike, and we’ll never repeat it.”
22. Various of bespoke motorbike
23. SOUNDBITE: (English), Rob Warr, Director, Warr’s Harley Davidson London
“You’ve got, very old-fashioned looking handle-bars, you’ve got the feet-forward riding position with the old-style, sort of kick-start pegs as foot rests, but what you get, you get the benefits of a brand new bike. It’s a water cooled, very powerful, v-twin engine. It’s belt drive, it’s fuel injection, so this is why this sort of custom build is very popular at the moment because people get the look of a sort of classic bike, they get the enjoyment you get from riding a classic bike, but without any of the aggrevation or headaches.”
24. Close of promo for Indian Motorcycle Company, zoom out to red motorbike
25. Various of Indian motorbike
26. SOUNDBITE: (English), Lee Frankish, Indian Motorcycle UK
“I think it deserves to be resurrected. The parent company, Polaris Industries, have been around since 1954, and are credited with inventing the snowmobile. Just a little under 4 years ago, Indian Motorcycle was purchased, and in the next few months, and certainly before the end of the year, we’ll be bringing back Indian Motorcycle to the motorcycling public.”
27. Close of promo on mobile phone
28. SOUNDBITE: (English), Lee Frankish, Indian Motorcycle UK
“You can press the start button, and just by turning the phone like so, you get a vibration and noise from the new engine.”
“Three two, one, go.”

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