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Yeti Coolers Releases Lost and Found: Baja

Life is too short. It’s an underlying theme that pops up in almost all of acclaimed action-sports filmmaker Dana Brown’s work, and something that shines through like a laser beam in just a little over 8 minutes in his latest project, Lost and Found: Baja, a short subject film produced by high-end cooler manufacturer Yeti

Duke’s Den: Risk/Reward

News flash: Motorcycling can be dangerous. Illustrating this fact are the left hands of myself and international roadracer, Jeremy McWilliams, seen in the above picture, a photo I imagine many would think is more than a touch morbid. The missing digits are the result of crashing motorcycles while racing. And we’re not extraordinarily disfigured in the

What Do We Need on Craigslist Today?

How about a tasty Kawasaki ZX-7R? Kawasaki’s slightly delayed response to the GSX-R was the ZX-7, which arrived in the USA in 1991, followed shortly after by the rarer and cooler ZX-7R homologation special. One of the first (maybe THE first) bike with a pressurized airbox, we had a lot of fun cracking wise about

On The Set: Ghostbusters 3 ECTO II Motorcycle

  Our Hollywood correspondent was behind the scenes of the new Ghostbusters 3 movie and sent us this image of the ECTO II motorcycle Bill Murray will be riding during a cameo appearance in the movie franchise reboot. Like the ECTO I from the original movie, as well as the forthcoming remake with an all-female

5 Tips For Riding A Motorcycle Safely In Traffic

There are countless dangers when negotiating your way through traffic on a motorcycle, and the perils have only multiplied with the hazards of distracted driving. And when you’re on a motorcycle, there’s no such thing as a minor fender-bender type of accident. You’re the only one you can rely on to traveling safely. Here are