Jeff Jones: A Man and His Bikes

Filmed over the course of four rides near the Jones Bikes headquarters in Southern Oregon, this latest Jones Bikes video combines high-quality riding footage with Jeff Jones’ explanation of what makes these bikes ride so well. Learn more about the riding and the rider that created these bikes and bars, as well the thinking behind them.

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Music: “Miles Away” by Kasger & Limitless and “Not Too Cray” by Huma-Huma

29 Plus bike and 29er bicycle ride.



  • LeonardCrassman

    I agree about the one bike thing man. I've been riding an ECR (with Jones bars) for a couple of years now and I just ride that everywhere, my other bikes are dustcatchers now but I'm too lazy to sell them.

  • Morris sterling

    super nice video…where to eyeball in texas?

  • Vinay Nair

    Hi Jeff, great bikes!

    One question. I understand that 50mm rims lets you run lower pressures and gives you more stability and traction. But how do they lower rolling resistance?


  • Jose Luis Litre

    What an amazing idea, design and product. You ticked all the boxes James. You should get a Sales Rep in Australia or New Zealand so I can try before buying. Awesome footage too!

  • michele monti

    big bikes, big man…

  • SleepyCreek

    Great job! – Take any additional footage and make an extended length riding video!

  • Tim Tidball

    Good Stuff!

  • John George

    great video, thanks Jeff

  • wilderness70

    Awesome !!

  • OutcastBiff


  • Peter Goodman

    I like my Jones Plus apart from the bars!
    Like the design of the Loop H – Bars but for me the angle of 45 is too much. would love to have a Jones Loop 30 to 35 degree. …
    tyre pressure of 10 psi O yes have go try that.

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