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MO Tested: Arai Corsair-X Review

Arai Corsair-X Editor Score: 92.75% Aesthetics 9.0/10 Protection 10.0/10 Value 8.25/10 Comfort/Fit 9.0/10 Quality/Design 10.0/10 Weight 9.0/10 Options/Selection 9.0/10 Innovation 9.75/10 Weather Suitability 9.5/10 Desirable/Cool Factor 9.25/10 Overall Score 92.75/100 Premium helmets have always shipped at a premium price, and it’s often been said (even by myself) that the only real difference between premium helmets

New, Longer Sun Visor For Arai Pro Shade System

Arai is now offering a long-visor version of the company’s Pro Shade System. The new longer visor provides slightly more coverage than the standard Pro Shade visor. Visor are also now available in four tint options: Smoke, Orange/Red, Blue and Silver. The longer visors can be installed as upgrades to your existing Pro Shade System

Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour Helmet Review

Arai Signet-Q Pro Tour Editor Score: 91.25% Aesthetics 8.5/10 Protection 10.0/10 Value 7.5/10 Comfort/Fit 10.0/10 Quality/Design 9.75/10 Weight 9.0/10 Options/Selection 8.5/10 Innovation 9.75/10 Weather Suitability 9.5/10 Desirable/Cool Factor 8.75/10 Overall Score 91.25/100 Blessed is the helmet manufacturer with various interior shapes. Blessed was the old Signet model from Arai, and blessed is the new Signet-Q.