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BMW exec confirms i5 electric car

There’s been speculation brewing for years that the next model spawned from BMW’s i division for eco-focused cars will be a more practical offering, most likely badged an i5. A top BMW executive has finally confirmed that such a vehicle is coming and has provided a few details. Speaking with Car and Driver, BMW i

Haibike xDuro Trekking SL 2014 Electric Hybrid Bikes Overview @ e-bikeshop.co.uk

A complete overview of the brand new 2014 Haibike xDuro Trekking SL Electric Hybrid eBikes available today in both crossbar and drop frames from e-bikshop.co.uk, the UK’s largest Haibike eBike dealer. Visit our website for full specification, reviews, and pictures on this model here – Cross Bar – http://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/Electric-Bikes-UK-Dealer/Haibike-xDuro-Trekking-SL-Gents-2014 Low Step – http://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/Electric-Bikes-UK-Dealer/Haibike-xDuro-Trekking-SL-Ladies-2014 Or read

High-Value Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology

Delphi hybrid technologies provide hybrid vehicles with increased performance. Hybrid vehicle technology for hybrid car technology from Delphi. Demand for cleaner, greener, more fuel efficient vehicles is growing all the time. Delphi innovates and engineers components and systems that help to make hybrid vehicle technology, hybrid vehicle products, hybrid car efficiency, battery pack systems, battery

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) | powertrain animation

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) combine power from both an internal combustion engine and a high-voltage electric source. The vehicle is run by a battery powered electric source, which is charged by the internal combustion engine. When the vehicle reaches the limit of electric drive the internal combustion engine takes over, increasing driver confidence that the

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, Vehicle Extrication Training Program by Action Training Systems

www.action-training.com This is a demo of “Hybrid & Electric Vehicles” training program from the Vehicle Extrication Training series. This program shows basic propulsion systems and common components of hybrid and electric vehicles. Demonstrates seven steps to approach and shutdown of crashed vehicles. Shows alternative procedures for shutdown when the ignition or keys are not accessible.