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2016 Ducati XDiavel S First Ride Review

2016 Ducati XDiavel S Editor Score: 90.5% Engine 19.0/20 Suspension/Handling 13.5/15 Transmission/Clutch 8.5/10 Brakes 9.0/10 Instruments/Controls 5.0/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 8.5/10 Appearance/Quality 9.25/10 Desirability 9.25/10 Value 8.5/10 Overall Score 90.5/100 What do the Diavel and the XDiavel have in common? According to Ducati, aside from six letters in their names, only brake calipers and tires. So, despite

2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 First Ride Review + Video

2016 MV Agusta Brutale 800 Editor Score: 91.0% Engine 19.0/20 Suspension/Handling 14.0/15 Transmission/Clutch 9.5/10 Brakes 9.0/10 Instruments/Controls 4.5/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 8.0/10 Appearance/Quality 9.5/10 Desirability 9.5/10 Value 8.0/10 Overall Score 91/100 “Nasty, brutish and short” is the famous phrase used to describe the life of the typical medieval peasant (or MO editor), but it could almost describe

Shimano Moto Athlete Ride Day

Shimano hosted a group of top motorcycle racers yesterday at its Moto Athlete Ride Day, and for this third annual edition, the format was switched from road to dirt. Among the 100-plus participants were several racers who had competed in the previous evening’s Anaheim 2 AMA Supercross round, including Chad Reed, Davi Millsaps, Wil Hahn, Cole Seeley, Justin Brayton

2016 Zero DSR First Ride Review

2016 Zero DSR Editor Score: 83.5% Engine 19.0/20 Suspension/Handling 12.0/15 Transmission/Clutch 10.0/10 Brakes 8.0/10 Instruments/Controls 5.0/5 Ergonomics/Comfort 9.0/10 Appearance/Quality 7.0/10 Desirability 7.0/10 Value 6.5/10 Overall Score 83.5/100 I still remember how wide my eyes were the first time I twisted the e-throttle on Zero’s new-for-2014 SR. Any word associations I had prior to “electrics” and

Duke’s Den: Ride More!

There’s a conversation I’ve had with new acquaintances that repeats itself time after time once they learn I’m the Editor-in-Chief for one of the biggest and most respected moto publications on the web. “Wow, that must be great to ride around on motorcycles all the time,” is the painfully common response. Painful because my riding