Victory Combustion Concept Revealed

Victory revealed another concept model powered by its Project 156 engine at the New York International Motorcycle Show. The Combustion concept follows on the heels of the Ignition concept revealed last month at EICMA, using the same liquid-cooled 1200cc 60-degree V-Twin engine and chassis.


The Combustion was constructed by Zach Ness of Victory’s long time collaborators, Arlen Ness Motorcycles, and apart from the MagnaFlow exhaust, looks close to being production-ready. Ness says the Combustion is his interpretation of an American muscle bike, taking inspiration from muscle cars with a focus on high horsepower and low weight.

“Our family has a long-standing relationship with Victory Motorcycles and has customised many Victory production bikes in the past,” says Ness, grandson Arlen Ness. “It’s always fun to look into the future, so to have the trust of Victory Motorcycles to create a concept bike has been great. Also, as one of the first to ride a bike with this new engine, it absolutely rips.”


The Ignition sports a quarter fairing with a sculpted shape and pinstriping matching the fuel tank, side covers. The footpegs are in a more neutral position compared to the feet-forward positioning of the Ignition concept. The handlebars are also higher, giving the Combustion more of a standard riding posture.


The rear suspension and swingarm appear similar to the Ignition’s but the Combustion’s fork is less beefy and not inverted like the previous concept’s front suspension.

Custom features included knurled grips, Wright spoke wheels with billet hubs and rims, custom-painted Brembo radial calipers and beveled brake rotors.


“This new engine offers the most versatility in American motorcycling,” says Gary Gray, motorcycle product director. “Both of the concepts, Ignition and Combustion, are intended to show what this motor is capable of in very distinct, visual forms. While the bikes are different, the powertrain is capable of delivering the performance in both cases.”


Adds Ness:“This bike is awesome – loads of power, and an insane engine sound too. I wanted to create a bike that was fast, light and ready to attack the next green light.”

Victory says the Combustion its final 1200cc concept, following the Ignition and the Project 156 bike that raced at Pikes Peak. Hopefully that means the next time we hear about Victory’s new engine it will be in a new production model.

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